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Even When It's Off

Face masks are the new normal.

What’s also become normal is to misplace them, touch them too often with germ-ridden fingers, or jam them into less-than-sanitary pockets or purses.

Let’s face it, MaskLany™ is the solution you didn’t know you needed to problems you kinda knew you had.

As the name suggests, MaskLany™ is an ingenious lanyard for your face mask. It keeps your face mask six inches from your face at all times. No more ridiculous ear dangling, arm bracelets, or “chin hammocks.”

And besides keeping your face mask handy, it also helps keep it more sanitary since you’ll be handling it less! After all, given the chance, your mask will pickup any number of germs. So why give it the chance?

It's less a mask accessory and more a mask necessity.

You can't lose what you never put down!

Adult MaskLany™

Thank you for being among the population of responsible adults who realizes the value of wearing face masks and that a face mask touched less is more sanitary!

Each Adult MaskLany™ is 12 inches of durable woven polyester that measures about 5/8″ around (that’s 15mm for you metric folks). They’re individually wrapped to ensure they arrive sanitary.

Adult MaskLany™ Specs:

  • Length – 12″ plus clips
  • Width – around 5/8″ (15mm)
  • Lany material – woven polyester
  • Single packaging

Youth MaskLany™

Awe, SNAP! Our Youth MaskLany™ is good for kids of all ages (even adults love to wear these) and is a little different from the adult version. 

For one, they’re smaller. So the Youth MaskLany™ is 10 inches of durable woven polyester that measures around 3/8 inch around (or 10mm). They have an easy to open and close snap mechanism and a breakaway design at the nape of the neck for added safety. They are also individually wrapped to ensure they arrive sanitary.

Youth MaskLany™ Specs:

  • Length – 10″ with snaps
  • Width – around 3/8″ (10mm)
  • Lany material – woven polyester
  • Easy to open and close snap mechanism
  • Breakaway clasp at the nape of the neck
  • Single packaging

The safety features of the MaskLany™ are demonstrated in this video.

MaskLany™ is Different!

MaskLany™ is made for face masks.

It isn’t a traditional lanyard repurposed for masks.

Here’s how MaskLany™ is different…

MaskLany™ vs Traditional Lanyards

  • Length – 12″ for MaskLany™

We made MaskLany™ shorter than the traditional 16″-18″ lanyard to keep your mask out of your lap while sitting.

  • Width – 5/8′ – the width of a Sharpie

MaskLany™ is thinner and lighter than the traditional 1″ lanyard. Less weight on your face is more comfortable!

  • Clips that swivel

MaskLany™ clips swivel and move with you making them more comfortable to wear. Traditional lanyards often use ID clips or static clips that don’t move.

Comparison of MaskLany with a traditional lanyard.

Face Mask-Free Day?

Use MaskLany™ in Other Ways!

MaskLany™ comfortably holds more than your face mask!

Use it to keep handy your:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Keys/Fob
  • ID wallet
  • Earbuds
  • Hand sanitizer
  • and more!

Customize Your MaskLany™!

Let everyone know that your company, organization, university, school, community, etc., are “pro-face mask” and that we’re fighting this pandemic together with branded MaskLanys™. 

It’s a great way to protect your employees, clients, and vendors while attracting more eyes to your brand when they’re wearing them out and about. 

Customized orders start at 500 units.

Imprint your company’s logo on the MaskLany™!!

Let us know how we can help you customize the MaskLany™ for your business, school, or organization!

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logo for the MaskLany


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